Customers are the core of any business, making them incredibly important to the success of your venture. Research shows that 77% of customers are likely to recommend a company if they have a positive customer service experience. A study Walker, a consultant firm for retailers, reveals that customers place greater emphasis on their overall shopping experiences more so than the products they buy; and up to 86% of buyers will be willing to pay more for an enhanced customer service experience. Understanding customer expectations of service and keeping them happy before, during and after the shopping process must be the ultimate goal of every business. Also recognize that stellar customer service continues after order fulfillment: the way that retailers engage client builds a dynamite reputation for their brand. We offer a brief outline of customer service processes designed to garner repeat business for your operation.

Hire the Right Employees

To provide high-quality customer service, you need to hire the right personnel and create a strong team. A focused team of trained and motivated individuals holds the key to improving service standards. Screen candidates with the right skills and disposition to tackle customer complaints with a calm and professional approach. Your customer support staff must have impeccable communication skills to understand customer problems and address them positively. Ensure your team is well-trained in customer compliant handling procedures and has comprehensive knowledge of your products, pricing, return policies and more. Asking for customer feedback regarding their experience with your support staff is an effective way of measuring the performance of each customer service agent. This helps you improve the skills and communication of your support team.

Respond Fast

According to a customer service survey by Zendesk, 69% of shoppers mention quick response to their inquiries or complaints as a top parameter for judging the quality of their client satisfaction experience. One of the best ways to address customer queries instantly is to set up an automated process for basic processes. These include online chat, automated voice response systems and FAQ pages on your website. Do remember that automated processes cannot replace the services of a live agent who can assist customers with complex queries or respond to complaints with professional etiquette. A dedicated support center offering 24×7 assistance may be a good fit for customer needs. Access to live customer support agents is an essential part of the customer support escalation process, where the call gets transferred from a support agent to more experienced employees such as managers or supervisors to settle long-standing issues. Managing customer escalations ensures your buyers are not left without answers or settlements, which goes a long way in improving customer satisfaction. Offering multiple channels for customers to report queries and concerns is a productive method of improving the quality of customer service. It’s reported that about 69% of adults in the United States prefer shopping with brands that offer superior customer service across social media channels, via text and email and through an intuitive website.

Monitor and Measure Key Metrics

Technology makes it easier for businesses to communicate and engage with customers across several platforms, including social media channels, emails and more. Leveraging technology to measure data regarding customer interactions allows you to monitor those interactions, which leads to continuous improvements. Data-driven analytics of your contact center records helps you track key performance indicators (KPIs) that tell you more about the efficiency and speed of your customer support staff. These performance metrics indicate customer satisfaction rates and tell you how quickly your client service agents have been able to address consumer queries. Data-driven analytics is an important part of setting up comprehensive customer service process steps that will result in excellent customer satisfaction.

Go the Extra Mile

When it comes to forging long-term relations with your customers, going the extra mile makes all the difference. Always strive for high levels of transparency and customer service, which will help your business gain credibility and goodwill. To make them feel special, tailor your engagements and communication based on individual customer profiles so they can relate to your business at a personal level. Rather than trying to sell your products, keep the interactions friendly and conversational, getting to know more about the customer’s needs and lifestyle and then recommending products that cater to their requirements. Show your appreciation and gratitude towards loyal customers by sending them cards or discounts on special occasions. Your customers drive your business, which means keeping them happy and satisfied must rank foremost on your business agenda. Understanding customer expectations of service will help you put together a streamlined process that delivers outstanding service. Strategies that emphasize a customer service plan show your clients you truly care.