Hiring new employees comes with a variety of issues ranging from too little time to focus on normal activities to needing to repeat the process until you find the right team that works for your business. Hiring is always a stressful time within a company. Whether you need new hires to fill vacant positions or to handle the increased need during peak seasons, hiring costs significant time and money for most businesses. Fortunately, warehouse temp agencies provide all of these services and let you focus on the daily activities that make your company successful. Below you will find out about the benefits of partnering with a temp agency for both long- and short-term assignments.

Hiring Becomes Less Stressful

Whenever hiring is necessary, it means more work for you or the person you assign the task to within the organization. Warehouse staffing agencies handle all aspects of the hiring process, including:
  • Finding suitable candidates
  • Pre-screening potential hires
  • Performing background checks
  • Speaking with references
  • Handling paperwork and other on-boarding tasks
Taking these responsibilities away from in-house staff ensures that your business maintains forward momentum and makes sure that your current workforce does not have to worry about taking on additional duties until hiring is complete. If you are wondering if working with a temp agency is a good idea, keep in mind that they do not have to take over everything for you. If there are some aspects of hiring that you do not want to outsource, most agencies provide options that help you stay in control of the hiring process. Together, you and the agency can work out the solutions that work well for your organization.

Cost Effectiveness

Even though warehouse staffing agencies charge a fee, they can be a cost-effective solution for most businesses. When you consider the time it takes a single employee or a team to find suitable candidates, go through the interview process for each position and pay for background checks or drug screens, the cost adds up quickly. Add in the amount of hours it takes for training and the savings continue. It is even beneficial to consider the cost of replacing team members that are not suitable for the company or that just do not have the right skills, which means the process repeats until you find the right person. While warehouse temp agencies do not handle the training process, they do take care of a lot of time- and revenue-consuming aspects of the hiring process. Agencies also eliminate the need for placing ads, as they already have those in place for a variety of positions.

Your Orders Can Get Filled Quickly

When employees leave suddenly or your business experiences an unexpected spike in sales, it can cause serious bottlenecks throughout the company. The use of temporary warehouse staffing can get you through those times without forcing staff members to work overtime or transfer to other areas to pick up the slack. The experts at most staffing agencies know the proper channels to find the employees you need, and they have access to a broad pool of potential candidates that already have the background that fits within your requirements. This speeds up the hiring process and gets people into your positions quickly. Their candidate pools include those that are looking for long-term assignments, short stints and even people looking for permanent positions. By leveraging their insight and relationships with job seekers, warehouse temp agencies help your business find the candidates you need throughout your warehouse and operations departments.

Simple Solutions for Project and Peak-Season Work

Planning for upcoming peak seasons or even a new project can take up a significant amount of time. Working closely with an agency makes sure you have the people available when you need them. When you set up a contract with a temp agency, you gain access to a team and single point of contact that addresses your needs. This lets you plan for projects and periods of increased sales ahead of time, so the agency knows exactly when to send workers to you. By planning ahead with your team, you can streamline training and onboarding tasks so that these new hires integrate into your team without serious upheaval. Additionally, the use of temporary warehouse staffing lets you decide when the additional team members are no longer needed, which cuts the costs associated with larger workforces.

Is Working With a Temp Agency a Good Idea?

Deciding to hand over hiring to someone outside of your business can be a stressful decision. However, the benefits of working with a temp agency can have a serious impact on your business. From the cost of finding and vetting candidates to the time it takes to get new employees in the door, hiring new team members can become a drain on finances and time. Working with warehouse temp agencies gives your employees the time they need to focus on daily tasks and helps ensure you always have highly qualified candidates available when you need them.