The typical hiring process requires a considerable amount of time and effort from your staff, and this can have a serious impact on productivity. If you are thinking about outsourcing to recruitment consultants, you may be wondering if doing so is a good idea for your business. You might even be wondering if you are ready to give that kind of responsibility to another entity outside of your own office. Knowing when it is time to outsource can be confusing, but it does not have to be. There are signs that help you recognize if it is time for your business to outsource your recruitment marketing efforts. If any of the following apply to your organization, you may be ready to take the next step in making sure your key roles are filled quickly and with the right candidates.

High-Priority Tasks Need Attention

If you are noticing that your time spent on finding and hiring workers is taking you or other members of your staff away from high-priority tasks, it might be time to consider outsourcing to recruitment consultants. When you consider the time it takes to peruse resumes, schedule and hold interviews and go through the onboarding process, you can easily see why other tasks go uncompleted when hiring. If you have to go through this process for multiple positions, that only compounds the issue. A staffing company can handle some or all of these processes and let your staff focus on their normal duties.

Hiring Occurs Frequently

One of the most common reasons for outsourcing staffing is due to frequent hiring needs. Some companies have a high turnover rate due to the nature of the position or because they are unable to find suitable candidates for the job. Giving these responsibilities over to a qualified agency keeps your regular employees on task and reduces the time you have to spend finding replacements. A quality staffing agency often has a broad candidate base from which to choose, which means your positions fill quickly. Additionally, they have the experience and expertise needed to fill a variety of openings in a short amount of time. If your company does not have to hire frequently, choosing a firm to handle your new hires may still be a benefit. Smaller companies do not have the resources necessary to find suitable candidates quickly. When you outsource your recruitment marketing, you open up avenues for hires that may have considerably more skill than what you may find on your own. This is especially true if you are in a niche market. Agencies that specialize in niches have a pool of candidates and know where to find the best options for your needs.

Rapid Growth is Imminent

For businesses on the verge of or in the middle of rapid growth, outsourcing to recruitment consultants could be the driving force behind even more acceleration. These consultants usually have pre-existing relationships with an extensive candidate pool, and that means your positions fill fast. Being able to onboard new hires quickly helps your business keep expanding. Staffing agencies have the ability and teams in place to vet for several positions at the same time, and that means less waiting for you. Instead of spending weeks on training individuals, your team can focus on workshops and orientations that help get new workers up to speed without repeating the process each time a new person joins the team. Smaller organizations typically start out with a few employees that perform several different duties throughout the day. When the company expands, these team members may no longer be able to handle all of those tasks. If employees are becoming burnt out or exhausted with trying to keep up with the growing demands, it is likely time to outsource staffing so that key members can take on more specific roles within the organization.

Your Company Has Roles That Are Hard to Fill

Even if your organization handles most hiring processes well, there may be times when you struggle with filling certain roles. Some positions within a company are harder to fill due to location, the experience and expertise necessary and market demand. A staffing agency has access to an extensive network that has a greater chance of solving your hiring issues. Most recruitment companies provide dedicated teams for your business, which means you have substantial resources available. Those resources can become invaluable when you have specific roles that need immediate hires.

Temporary Positions

Temporary positions are one of the most common reasons for outsourcing staffing. Whether you are hiring to find out if a new position is needed, or the company is shifting their internal strategies, finding a short-term employee is not always easy. Many candidates are looking for full-time or extended positions and are not likely to take a temporary offer. Recruiting firms have a large pool of potential workers that only want temporary positions, which means your hiring process takes place quickly. For companies that see increased sales during certain times of the year, outsourcing to recruitment consultants can make the entire process simpler and more efficient. Look for a staffing agency that focuses on peak-season recruiting for access to major databases of potential workers. Even if you are not filling traditional pick or pack roles, these companies have access to a variety of candidates with different backgrounds that could fill your roles with higher-quality recruits than what you may find on your own.

You Keep Needing to Rehire for the Same Position

If you have spent months trying to fill a single position, it is time to outsource staffing for that role. It can be difficult to find the right person for a position, but going through multiple hires eats up considerable time, effort and money. Giving these positions over to a recruitment firm can help you find more qualified individuals that better meet the needs of the position. Agencies know how to find top talent in your field, and they can help you with the screening process so your options are even better.

Outsourcing to Recruitment Consultants

If any of the above situations are affecting your ability to hire the right people, a staffing agency may be the right choice. You may be worried about giving over that much control to someone outside of your business. The reality is, when you choose to outsource your recruitment marketing and hiring, you are creating a partnership with another organization that cares about your business. These firms depend on your company and work with you to create in-depth contracts that meet your needs for hiring. You can also choose which aspects of the hiring process you outsource, including the interviews, screenings and assessments. This lets you maintain control over specific hiring aspects that you feel affect your business the most. Make sure to create a plan and discuss your options before making a decision. This will help you find solutions to your reasons for outsourcing staffing, and make sure you get the attention your business needs from an agency.